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Feeling bored when waiting for your plane? The schedule was delayed? Come too early because don't want to be late? That's not a problem anymore. An International Airport at Medan - North Sumatera, Kualanamu International Airport (KNO) has made a good decision by choosing KEF Speakers System as airport entertainment system in the VIP lounge. But don't get too excited, or you will miss your flight.

~ Kualanamu International Airport (KNO)

As a central official dealer of Yamaha which is located in Makassar - South Sulawesi will always provide the best service for the customers. Besides giving the best price, layaway plan, technical support, they have decided to start treating the customer with a great entertainment system. With a perfect blend from McIntosh Amplifiers System and Acoustic Energy Speakers System, they manage to create a comfortable environment for both customers and employees at business meetings. Now they can watch Moto GP together "live" from the circuit.


The new building of Regional House of Representative Palembang - South Sumatera has been rebuilt and renovated the old one because of the fire disaster. The new building has a great design both outside and inside, especially the new-Hi-Fi meeting room. Kramer Amplifiers System and Bosch Speakers System will produce a clear sound for all of the meeting participants. They don't have to worry with miscommunication anymore. Hopefully after all of these updates, the performance will increase and The voice of the people will be more audible.


"Let the waves embrace you". What an impressive slogan from one of the luxurious 4-stars international hotel at Gili Trawangan - Lombok Island. This hotel offers a few great toursist destination at Indonesia with facilities that make any tourist feels like paradise. A hotel itself is not complete without an outdoor entertainment. They have chosen a perfect assistant for doing this job. KEF Speakers System ready to cosset the ears. Enjoying the music while looking at the waves, dance with your partner under the stars, watch the movie with natural pleasure. You have let the waves embraced you, now let the sound embrace you.


Having a beautiful and healthy skin is the vision of L'Essential as a cosmetics and cosmeceutical inovator. They have powerful resources such as professional pharmacist and staff. Everyday they perform researches to produce their beauty care product. Beside their good vision, they have good mission too. One of their mission is increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of the marketing team. They choose KEF Speakers System to help them deliver a great sound quality for the presentation. Who knows a great investation will come because of the clear sounds mixed with a great idea from the management.


As one of the great hotels at Indonesia will always serves the best for the guests who is staying in there. Various facilities are provided to make guests feel like home. Starting from comfy rooms, beautiful lounge, clean swimming pool, and a "Hi-Fi ballroom". A "Hi-Fi Ballroom" is describing how their ballroom has been installed with any Hi-Fi instrument. It produces the best sound for every events such as, office meeting, party, seminar, or some private events. Now the guest will not hesitate to stay one more night at there. Good service comes along with good commitment and they have successfully proven it.


Don't let the name trick you, The Honey Lady is not a place with ladies or a love consultant service. The Honey Lady is a fashion manufacturing company. They have started since 1977. It has since grew to become a reliable supplier of many reputable intimate apparel brands in the world such as, Victoria's Secret, La Senza, Tommy Hilfiger, FILA, and many more. What a hard work. In order to decrease the stress level and create a relaxing environment, we tried to help by providing a correct sound system at the office. With KEF Speakers System, masters of this situation, was able to deliver any kind of relaxing acoustic music and not just acoustic music. Wanna turn the beat on? Just play it and let the speakers do the rest.


Darya Varia Laboratoria is one of leading pharmacy company that has been operating since 1976. They have produced a lot of medicine products and managed to get a halal certificate for several capsule products. The scientist work so hard and we think they deserve a good environment for relaxing, even when they have a meeting. So we have designed a special sound system for the meeting room, make it not just used as a meeting room, but also a Home Theater Room. Now they can relax while thinking a new formula for the medicines, hopefully a better generation born from the better nutrition that created from this labs.


"A genuine hospitality by service with a smile" - A very catchy motto from Ashley Hotel Indonesia. As a new hotel, they are not acting like an amateur. They have their own service standard to serve the customer to the maximum satisfaction, make a perfect place for having rest. They have planned to expand branches to some strategical place. Sabang is one of their good decision. They have trusted us to handle the sound system of this hotel, start from main lobby, restaurant, and the hallways (9 floors). Big investation show their big commitment to create a customer satisfaction. And as usual we have finished this project to help them achieve their big goals. Now, what makes each luxury hotels different at all? It is the sound system matters.


"Come and train like the stars at F45 Training". This is what they said to every members who confuse to determine their best fitness center now-a-days. So many fitness center, but offer same facilities, offer same membership plan. But not for F45 Fitness Center, they have an unique training plan for every member. They usually create some challenges. And at the building, they have put so many monitors, not for watching movies, but for displaying the training data for each of the member who do a training right there, a Live Data. What an innovation, so they choose a great sound system to deal with this great system, from a great supplier, obviously :). We recommend them a simple but powerful sound system to support their need. Have you ever did a training and listen to a clear music in a same time? You should try it now.


Restaurant Baku Rasa that we handled is one of the branch that located at Puri, West Jakarta. This restaurant is an expert at menadonese food. So if you are a fans of menadonese food, this restaurant could be your destination. The price is average. Now a days, you can't run a restaurant business without any music as an entertainment. Actually, this part need to to get a lot of attention. Because if the music is good, you will attract more loyal customer. Elegant and entertaining sound system, that is our goal. We use the wellknown Marantz PM5005 as the amplifier and Yamaha NS-AW 992 as the output speaker for each room of the restaurant. The result is a soft sound and fondle the ear so good. When your tongue feel a great food and your ear hear a great sound, that's what we called A Pleasure.


Bagua (八卦) are eight symbols used in Taoist Cosmology to represent the fundamental principles of reality, seen as a range of eight interrelated concepts. Each consists of three lines, each line either "broken" or "unbroken", respectively representing yin and yang (from Wikipedia). So if you usually watch chinese movies especially the fighting genre, they usually use this symbol to represent the good and the bad guy. But at this place, they don't teach how to fight. They teach how to control the energy in your body, based on the concept of The Bagua, and make your health get better. Some of the member said after following the class, they feel the body become so fresh and feel "light" to move. So what are we doing here? We are not the member, but we provide the sound system that support the music for the class. The water sound, wind sound, need a really precise speaker to produce and deliver it as it need to be. Not only the training, we do deliver some energy, the energy of music.


Who doesn't know this place? Warunk Upnormal, known as the most famous hangout place for youngster. This place has a very creative concept for their each branch. Make every people who came here never forget to take a selfie. Fortunately, we have a chance to design the sound system for one of the branch at Sumur Bandung. We create a mix of Q-Acoustic 2020i, 2010i with a powerful AV-Receiver Yamaha RX-V585. The result is a very dynamic sound for every floor of this building. Imagine when you have your night with your friends, hanging out and chills, surrounded with your favorite song. Make you want to sing together even you are still chewing your food. Warunk Upnormal has one same vision with us, we never stop innovating.


Meatball is the most favorite food at Indonesia. Bakso Boedjangan is one of the brand that choose meatball as the primary menu. The menu is so variative and creative. Who can expect that a cheese could be inserted into a meatball? Or chili into a meatball? They really an expert in this. And now they want something more to make the customer feels better when eating there. They want a good music. They ask us and we answer with a quality. We choose Q-Acoustic 2020i and 2010i as the speaker and Yamaha RX-V385 as the AV-Receiver. The combination between Q-Acoustic and Yamaha always success bring the music to the next level.